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The B-Rock Dis Reality Show
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Help me Promote and create The B-Rock Dis-reality show About a Bipolar Rapper,Be Part Of the next big thing… post or share this link, demo episodes and music are at the site ,contibutions and donations are rasied at Indiegogo CLICK HERE

I’ve Got 115 day to raise money to get this project off the ground any donation from $10 on up will get you The Bipolar Disorder CD, Shirts, Hats,as well as a Cameo on the Show. lots of other perks for bigger donations, read all about it at the link below, there is a lot going on

XTRA, XTRA,,,,,, beat makers,photograhers,Video makers,producers , recording studios,agents,tour managers, models investors, lawyers, or fashion desingers who would like to get involved in the new season check out the details


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