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The Beatles Help Movie Poster
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The Beatles Help Movie Poster

The Beatles Help Movie Poster

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  3. My three daughters (ages 11, 7, and 5) are suddenly in the full thrall of Beatlemania, something I thought I’d gotten over 20 years ago. Lo and behold, they totally re-infected me at age 44! We can’t seem to get "1", "Revolver", "Abbey Road" and "Rubber Soul" out of rotation on our CD player. My kids and I also watch the DVDs of "Yellow Submarine" and "Magical Mystery Tour" (which shows how truly hard core we are) every few days.Anyway, I went in search of DVDs of "Hard Day’s Night" and "Help" and found out THEY ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. It seems they have been TAKEN OFF THE MARKET just as the Fabs were hitting Number 1 again across the land! Same goes for VHS tapes and DVDs of the "Beatles Anthology" and "Compleat Beatles" documentaries, all listed as "out of print and no longer available."HELLO– Who’s reponsible for this FIASCO? Someone ought to be fired immediately for this, since there’s no telling how much money is being lost minute-by-minute. The Beatles are once again the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD, and their best movie work is suddenly UNAVAILABLE? The stupidity of this marketing move is almost inconceivable. Anyway, I was lucky enough to find a tired, worn-out VHS tape of "Help" on the bottom shelf of the local video store and brought it home. The kids, of course, FLIPPED and I found myself once again amazed at what truly natural, charismatic performers the Fabs were.Although rock critics have always liked "Hard Day’s Night" more, I must admit "Help" has always been my favorite Beatles movie. Viewing it again after 20-odd years, I’m amazed at its innocent charm and how well some of the sight gags hold up. It’s a sheer pleasure to watch all the proto-music videos in it, particularly the fabulous "Ticket To Ride" sequence (my youngest still screams "The SKI SONG! YIPPEEE!" whenever the opening chords come over the stereo). The Mad Scientist character reminded my girls of "The Brain." Some of the casually tossed-off lines have amazing staying power. "A feindish thingee!" "You’ve got a plan, haven’t you inspector?" "Not a bit like Cagney!" "Ah, you see? British! If I had a Luger…" "So these are the famous Beatles / So this is the famous Scotland Yard" "Lovely boys! Just the same as they was before they was" etc. The spirit of both "Help" and "Hard Day’s Night" is definitely "cheeky," as opposed to the "snotty" and cynical attitude adopted by today’s teen-oriented music stars (don’t believe me? Compare the excruciating "Jose and the Pussycats" to any Beatles flick and tell me we haven’t gone BACKWARDS in 30-odd years in terms of music, talent and attitude). That’s the only bad part of watching or listening to the Beatles in this day and age: It reminds you that pop/rock music is long into its decadent phase, with the themes so daringly explored by the Beatles and others so long ago simply being hashed, rehashed, sampled, computerized, and spat out by today’s soulless performers.Anyway, I would happily buy a "Help" and "Hard Day’s Night" DVD IF THEY WERE AVAILABLE! How long is this agony to last?

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